"Hungry Piranha Plants! Deep-rooted secrets! Paths that branch off to danger! You'll tangle with all that and more in DK's Treetop Temple!"
MC Ballyhoo

DK's Treetop Temple is a large stone statue located in the heart of the jungle. This is the most basic of the maps as it is the first playable map in Mario Party 8. Several barrel cannons operated by Donkey Kong are available for use for a cost of five coins. If used, they will launch a player randomly to another cannon at a different location on the board. On Star Battle Arena, the player or the opponent wins by collecting two stars (via the Star Space). And both stars are 20 coins each.

Interesting Spaces

? Spaces

  • Two spaces make Ukikis on barrels chase players to the other side of the fork in the road.
  • Another two spaces make Spear Guys forcibly take a piece of candy from the player who landed on it. The Spear guy will pay the player for the candy, even if there is no candy available. The candy is dependent with the price from the candy shop. The Spear Guy gives the player 5-25 coins (up to 25 coins for the Bitsize Candy). If the player does not have any candy, he gives them pity coins (which is only 5 coins).
  • One green space will allow players to ride down a water slide that will possibly yield them coins.

Lucky Space

The Lucky Space's Reward

When the Lucky Space is landed on, players are transported to a long stream of blue spaces (each with three coins) located behind the board. Each space has three coins hovering over it, allowing the player to earn a significant amount of coins before a star is offered to them at the end. When the player buys the star or makes it to the end, they will be transported via Warp Pipe back to the board.


  • The section of spaces climbing up the giant statue are meant to look like scaffolding. This and the barrels that roll down it are a reference to the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong.
  • This board is very similar in design the DK's Stone Statue in Mario Party DS.
  • When the Bowser Space is activated, Bowser will occasionally have a character-specific conversation with the player that activated the Bowser Space.