The D-Men are short, goblin-like creatures of the Underwhere that appear in the game Super Paper Mario.


They serve as assistants for Queen Jaydes and follow out her commands. They always seem busy and are constantly telling you they have work to do. In fact, that is the reason Queen Jaydes gives you the task of finding Luvbi because all her D-Men are very busy The name D-Men is given to them because they slightly resemble Devils with two horns and an underchomp. They have strange googly eyes that are always cross eyed. Their color is purplish and the D-Men at the Queen Jadyes's palace have black and white striped suits and ties while the D-Men of Underwhere Road have only a small black and orange skirt. They seem to have no feet and only exist to the boundaries of the Underwhere. They cannot be found in the overthere. They also have a small, crooked tail.


  • Their name is the pun of "demon".