D-Down Jump is a badge in Paper Mario.


This badge has a BP cost of two, and allows Mario to pierce through enemy defense points with a jump attack.

To find this badge, Mario must be on the second floor of Tubba Blubba's Castle. On the second floor of the castle, on the left side, Mario can enter a secret room via a crack guarded by a Clubba. This room is opened by using Bombette's special ability, and inside the room is three panels on the floor that have an "X" on them. By using the spin jump, Mario can break these panels, falling into the room below. One of these panels (the back left one) leads to a short cut from the first floor to the second, another panel (front one - Do Not spin jump this one first or you will have to go all the way back to the second floor past the guards) leads onto the floor of the room below, and the third panel (the back right one) leads to this badge and after you break the panel, land on the big table and use Parakarry (You need him to get the Mega Rush Badge) to get to the other big table where you will find the badge.

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