"Hi! I'm Cyrrus! I'm a newborn cloud! Pleased to meetcha! I've got big dreams! Big ones! I wanna be the biggest cloud I can be! I heard about this one guy who could grow big just by eating a Mushroom. That would be SO COOL! If you could find a big-making thing like that, give it to me!"
― Cyrrus, Super Paper Mario

Cyrrus is a minor and a non-playable character that appears in Super Paper Mario.


Cyrrus is a living cloud with a happy face, within the outline of blue or purple.


Cyrrus lives near at the very top of Overthere Stair where he just been born. Cyrrus dreams of being a large cloud and asks the heroes to help him become bigger. Cyrrus can be fed a Red Apple that will make him grow much larger in size. Jumping on Cyrrus causes the character to be flung high upwards and back down to a higher point.

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