Cyclone Bros. is a Bros. Attack used by Mario and Luigi in the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. The move costs eight BP on Modes 1 and 2, and four BP on Mode 3. Luigi learns this move after acquiring Secret Scroll 2 in the Hammerhead Bros.' Cave. The move is very powerful, and can damage many enemies. The move begins with pressing the GBA B.png to have Luigi hammer Mario down. By rapidly pressing the GBA A.png, Mario will begin spinning, Luigi jumps on top, and the Bros. spin toward an enemy, Luigi holding out his Hammer. After one enemy is hit, the player can use the GBA Pad.png to choose another, or leave it alone to continue whacking the same enemy. The number of hits equals the number of times "Good!" appears on the screen plus one. Therefore, if three "Good!"s appear, the brothers will be allowed four hits.

After successfully executing the attack twenty-one times, the brothers learn the Advanced version. This is the only Advanced Bros. attack that Luigi thinks of. The Advanced version adds an extra hit at the end of the assault. To execute the Advanced version, the player must press GBA B.png after the last hit, as Luigi is leaning backwards. Luigi and Mario will stand up straight, and pressing GBA A.png at the right time will have Luigi deliver a blow that may make enemies/bosses Dizzy.

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