Cut from the Team is a Battle minigame that appears in Mario Party 8.


At the start of this mini-game, the camera zooms up to reveal that Mario and his friends are stranded at the top of a large mountain. There is a panel with several wires going across it.


Players step onto a spring loaded platform, where they are confronted with the panel of wires. Once a wire is cut, it will either be live or dead. A dead wire means that nothing happens and he/she gets to go to the end of the line. If a live wire is cut, then that character goes flying away. The other players move in rotation until 3 players have been launched off the platform, which ends the minigame. This game isn't actually luck based. If a wire is revealed live, then the wires next to it are 100% Dead wires.


  • Wiimote Icon - Points at screen to select wire
  • Wiimote A and Wiimote B - Cuts Wire.


After the last character is launched, the winning character dances in place and the coins are awarded.


  • This mini-game's gameplay is incredibly similar to that of BOWSER's Big Blast and Bowser's Bigger Blast from Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 4 respectively.
  • As it is a luck based game, winning at this game requires no skill and winners will be random. This applies to the computers only, since players can take advantage to the dead-live-dead technique.
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