The Culmina Crater (ラストクレーター lit. Last Crater?), also known as the Every Traveller's Final Stop, is a secret kingdom located on the Moon in Super Mario Odyssey. The kingdom is unlocked once the main game is completed and 500 Power Moons are collected.

Culmina Crater is the biggest challenge found in the game, with the only Power Moon being found at the end of a gauntlet of challenges based off ones previously found within the game. Completing this challenge rewards Mario with the Invisibility Hat and connects the Odyssey's route from Darker Side to the Mushroom Kingdom, forming a complete loop on the map.


Culmina Crater is a giant crater that was formed by a huge meteor collision long ago, consists of two rocky platforms within a giant crater, which are affected by the Moon's low gravity, and underground caverns that connect the two platforms. The platform the Odyssey lands on contains some local residents cheering on Mario, as well as Pauline and the New Donk City Band, playing Jump Up, Super Star!. On the other platform is a scale model of New Donk City Hall, with the kingdom's only Power Moon, a Multi Moon, being found at the top of the building.

The underground tunnel that connects the two platforms is made up of a bunch of floating platforms suspended above a sea of lava. This tunnel makes up most of the challenge found within the kingdom, being made of a gauntlet of platforming and capture challenges. There are no checkpoints, so if the player dies, they will have to restart from the entrance to Culmina Crater's underground section. However, multiple Life-Up Hearts are found within the stage to help Mario through the kingdom.

Quick Facts

  • Population: Unknown
  • Size: Unknown
  • Locals: Rabbitish?
  • Currency: Unknown
  • Industry: Unknown
  • Climate: Unknown

Multi Moon Location

  • 01: Long Journey's End: Obtained by climbing to the top of the New Donk City Hall found at the end of the level.


  • After completing the challenge, Pauline wears Mario's cap instead of her own in this kingdom.
  • Due to a former glitch, it was possible to capture and swim with one of the Frogs found at the beginning through midair, so that the huge abyss between the platform with the starting pipe and the platform with the skyscraper can be crossed to skip the whole challenge part. (Patched)
  • Inside the challenge part, Mario as Glydon can gain a huge boost in height while entering a whirlwind and slow down the descent by shaking the controllers to fly over the wall with the Bowser painting, skipping all remaining sections of the course. [1]
    • If the player flies far enough from the island with the Bowser painting, the player will also be able to skip that section as well, and go directly to the "THANK YOU" section. [2]
  • Rosalina makes a cameo appearance as an 8-bit sprite on a wall on the building at the very end of this kingdom.
  • As Mario makes his journey across the Darker Side, the following Kingdoms' music will play in this order: "Jump Up, Super Star!" (Metro Kingdom), Cascade Kingdom, Sand Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Lost Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, Bowser's Kingdom 1, "Underground Moon Caverns", and Moon Kingdom, respectively.
  • As Mario is climbing the pillar at the top of the building in the area with the Multi Moon, a music-box version of the Fossil Falls theme will play, and will become slower and slower as Mario is climbing his way to the top.