The Crystal Palace is a location that appears in Paper Mario. It is where the final Star Spirit is, Kalmar.


The Crystal Palace is mainly a large palace that can't be seen completely from the outside. However, on the inside, the Crystal Palace has many rooms and puzzles that are meant to trick and trap Mario.


Mario and his friends travel through many rooms, seeking for the final Star Spirit in the whole palace. They solve many mysteries and defeat the many Duplighosts that also lurk there until they come across the Crystal King. Mario and his friends defeat this cold-hearted boss and rescue the final Star Spirit, Kalmar.

Near the end of the game, the Crystal Palace was only mentioned by Kolorado where he was taking his group to (along with Kooper). However, the attempted travel was stopped by Parakarry where Kolorado's Wife was angry at him for leaving without notice again. Kolorado runs back to her.

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