The Crystal King is the boss of Chapter 7 in the game Paper Mario.


The Crystal King is a phantom-like creature who has no visual body or face but his yellow eyes can be seen. He also wears a blue robe and a crown made of crystals.


During at some point before the chapter, Bowser tasked the Crystal King to guard over the final Star Spirit. Bowser then gave the Crystal King the power to take over the Crystal Palace and become it's new ruler. Eventually, Mario] and co. make it to the Crystal King and defeat him in battle freeing the last Star Spirit.


The Crystal King is a very formidable opponent in battle with many of attacks in his arsenal. His most basic attack is an ice beam that can freeze Mario if he doesn't guard the attack. The Crystal King can also summon Crystal Bits to aid him. These Crystal Bits only have 1 HP but can deal 4 points of damage for each one. The Crystal King's signature attack is Divide and Conquer that allows him to create two other illusions of him. When his HP gets low, he will use this technique in the air making ground-based attacks useless. If the real Crystal King isn't found, he will use a powerful blizzard attack that deals high damage. He can also heal himself for 20 points of HP.


There are two things to make note of the Crystal King before going into battle with him. Those are being his defense is 2 and his Divide and Conquer late in the battle allows him to be come an air foe. This means partners such as Goombario (if he isn't at the Ultra Rank), Kooper, and Bow are useless in this fight. To put it simply, the best partner for this fight is Lakilester because his Spiny Surge will allow to help find the real Crystal King without using too much FP. This can also take out the bothersome Crystal Bits when the Crystal King summons them. If he has it equipped, Mario can use the Mega Smash to greatly damage the Crystal King while he is on the ground.


  • His battle theme music is called "Freeze!" which is one of the more popular boss tracks in the game.
  • Crystal King is the only chapter boss in Paper Mario that isn't a stronger version of an enemy in the game.
    • However, due to his similar appearance to them and all of them seen in the Crystal Palace, the Crystal King may be a Duplighost.