Crystal Caves is a location in Donkey Kong 64 serving as the sixth level in the game. It is a large cave area made of ice. The entrance to Crystal Caves is located in the upper part of DK Isles. A total of 65 Golden Bananas are required to enter this level. The boss fight of this level is a rematch with Army Dillo where it is fought by Donkey Kong again.


  • Giant Kosha: One of the most well-known features of Crystal Caves is a very large Kosha that will constantly make it rain stalactites onto the Kongs. When Crystal Caves is first visited, the camera will pan in on the Kosha where it uses it's large club to attack the ceiling. The giant Kosha is located at the very top of Crystal Caves and only Tiny Kong can get up there to defeat it and stop the stalactites from falling. However, one must get a specific Golden Banana with Chunky Kong first and have Tiny learn the Monkeyport technique first before trying to take down the Giant Kosha. Even given it's size, the Giant Kosha can be still taken down with moves such as the shockwave though it's more simple to use Tiny's instrument to defeat it.
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