The Crumbleden (ホロビア lit. To be Ruined/Destroyed?), also known as A Grim reminder of Past Conflict, is a location that appears in Super Mario Odyssey. It is somewhat based off the real world city of Pripyat, as can be extrapolated from its barren look. It's the capital city of the Ruined Kingdom.


Crumbleden is a stormy and mysterious world filled with dilapilated ruins of a long-dead kingdom. The previous inhabitants relied on lightning to power all of their machinery.

It's only because of the people of Crumbleden's skill in construction that there are ruins left here to see. Some have theorized that the circular plaza atop the tower was built for a standoff of some kind.

Quick Facts

  • Population: Unknown
  • Area: Unknown
  • Natives: Unknown
  • Currency: Unknown
  • Industry: Unknown
  • Climate: 68°F (20°C)


Super Mario Odyssey

During the events of the game, Mario and Cappy crash land the Odyssey in this location after Bowser and the Ruined Dragon attack them. The crash leaves the Odyssey damaged, requiring three Power Moons to restore back to working condition. Mario fights and defeats the Ruined Dragon in this kingdom, enabling him to use the Odyssey again to leave and continue his journey to Bowser's Kingdom.

Power Moon locations

  • 02: In the Ancient Treasure Chest: To the left of the stairs that lead to the power terminal, there is a ledge that Mario can hold on to. At the end of the ledge is a treasure chest that contains a Power Moon.
  • 03: Roulette Tower: Climbed: After the dragon is defeated, a Mini Rocket will appear on the battlefield. The rocket will lead Mario to the roulette block challenge area showcased in the Nintendo World Championship. After climbing the tower, Mario is rewarded with a Power Moon.
  • 04: Roulette Tower: Stopped: Secret moon in the roulette tower challenge.
  • 05: Peach in the Ruined Kingdom: Only available after completing Moon Kingdom. Peach and Tiara are on the battlefield, to the right of the dragon.

Moon Rock Moon Location

  • 06: Caught on a Big Horn: On the battlefield, jump onto the dragon's head. Throw Cappy onto the dragon's left horn and hold him there to reveal a Power Moon.
  • 07: Upon the Broken Arch: On top of the broken arch on the right side of the staircase.
  • 08: Rolling Rock on the Battlefield: On the battlefield, there is a loose rock that can be hit for an abnormally long amount of time to reveal a Power Moon.
  • 09: Charging Through an Army: Inside a pipe that appears next to the Odyssey. The pipe leads to an area where Mario must bust open a cage by capturing a Chargin' Chuck.
  • 10: The Mummy Army's Curse: In the same area the above Power Moon; after the Chinchos start appearing, Mario must return to the beginning of the area, where a sparkling Chincho will spawn. Defeating it reveals the Power Moon.

Multi Moon Locations

  • 01: Battle with the Lord of Lightning!: Obtained by beating the Ruined Dragon.

Names in Other Languages

  • Spanish: Vetústia (From Spanish Vetusto (ancient). First declension (Genitive Vestusties))
  • Italian: Vetústia (From Italian Vetusto (ancient). First declension (Genitive Vetustíes))
  • French: Désoland (From Désolant (desolating) and English Land, or maybe from the English Desolate.)


  • Etymology: Crumbleden's name seems to come from the English "to crumble".