Crops 'n' Robbers is a 2 vs. 2 minigame that appears in Mario Party 8. This minigame's name is a pun of the childerns game, "Cops and Robbers."


In this minigame, the two teams must work together to pick carrots and whack the Monty Moles on the field. One of the team members will pick carrots while the other one is equipped with a hammer used to whack the Monty Moles. The team that picks all of the carrots and whacks all of the Monty Moles first wins.


Monty Whackers

  • +Control Pad (Vertically) - Move
  • Wii Remote (Swing) - Swing hammer

Carrot Pickers

  • +Control Pad (Vertically) - Move
  • A Button/B Button - Grab carrot
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