Crocodile Isle, also goes by Crocodile Rock, is a ship commanded by King K. Rool in the game Donkey Kong 64. It serves as a major location and is always seen across from DK Isles. King K. Rool planned on using this island to destroy DK Isles unless the Kongs can make it to the end in time.


  • Frantic Factory Lobby: This lobby leads to the stage Frantic Factory. The Frantic Factory lobby can be found mid up the Fortress right in front of the Bananaport 4 pad. The interior is very industrial and there is a lone Mecha-Zinger in here. There are Wrinkly Kong's doors located higher up which requires Donkey Kong to learn the Gorilla Grab ability first.
  • Gloomy Galleon Lobby: This lobby leads to the stage Gloomy Galleon. The Gloomy Galleon lobby is located at the bottom of Crocodile Isle that can be accessed by swimming underwater. The lobby is fairly small and there is a green-haired Kasplat for Chunky Kong in here.
  • Creepy Castle Lobby: This lobby leads to the stage Creepy Castle. The Creepy Castle lobby isn't located in the Isle itself but the large cannon leading to it can be found behind the Fortress near K. Lumsy's Island. The Creepy Castle lobby is very large and contains hazardous material. A red-haired Kasplat for Diddy Kong can be found behind a gate near the Wrinkly Kong doors. 
  • Hideout Helm Lobby: This lobby leads to the final stage Hideout Helm. The Hideout Helm lobby can be found at the very top of the Isle in the mouth that can only be accessed by using Tiny Kong's Monkeyport ability. The Hideout Helm lobby is arguably the largest lobby (next to the Crystal Caves lobby) in the game and contains lava. Some Kongs need to work together just to make it through the lobby. Donkey Kong's final Kasplat can be found in here (which is the final Kasplat in the game).

Golden Bananas

Note that the Golden Bananas for Crocodile Isle count under the ones for DK Isles. For information for the Golden Bananas that can be found within the Fortress, see here.