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Crane Game is a minigame that appears in Mario Party and Mario Party 2. The objectives for this minigame is similar in both Mario Party games, but the output of the minigames differs however. Crane Game is similar to the claw games that appear in toy stores and shopping centers.


Mario Party

In Mario Party, one character will be hanging from a crane in a room full of doll versions of the other character. There will also be various treasures lying around the room. The character operating the crane has the option of picking up either one of the dolls or one of the treasures that are scattered around the room. If the crane operator picks up one of the treasures, they will be rewarded coins depending on the one they picked up. The single coin is worth one coin, the coin bag is worth five coins, and the treasure chest is worth ten coins. The character operating the crane must align themselves over one of these items, then drop themselves using the A button. Once they picked up the item, they must rapidly press the A button to hold onto it and drop it into the Warp Pipe. However, if the crane operator decides to pick up one of the character dolls, the dolls must struggle from the crane operators grasp. If a doll is dropped into the pipe, they will lose one third of their coins that will go to the operator. The crane operator will have only one try when trying to pick a doll or treasure up.

Mario Party 2

In Mario Party 2, the objective for Crane Game slightly changes and it now takes place in an outer space-type room. The crane operators are now required to pick up all the doll characters that appear throughout the room in the given time limit. There are also three clocks that the crane operators can pick up that either adds fifteen, twenty, or thirty seconds to the clock. The crane operator must drop the clocks and the dolls into the Warp Pipe that is located in the end of the room. The doll characters must work together as a team in this minigame. If the crane operator grabs them, they can wiggle out of their grasp by rapidly pressing the A button. If the crane operator manages to get all the character dolls into the Warp Pipe, then he/she will win the mini-game. However, if he/she fail to do so and time runs out, then the team of dolls will win the mini-game.


Single Player

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Lower/Grab
  • A Button (Repeatedly) - Hold

Three Players

  • A Button (Repeatedly) - Shake free