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Cranberry is a minor character that is only mentioned in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Cranberry is only mentioned during Luigi's adventures and is known to being one of the last of the Luffs. In the Rapturous Ruins, Luigi found a sleeping Cranberry who then woke the Luff up by calling to him. Luigi then earned the ability to speak Cranberry's language and Cranberry explains to him that the Luffs were once a great empire due to their usage of the Marvelous Compass. However, they soon became drunk with power and Cranberry had no choice but to split the Marvelous Compass into seven different parts and hide them throughout the Waffle Kingdom. Cranberry then went into a thousand-year sleep until a hero who was collecting the Marvelous Compass pieces came. Luigi is revealed to be this hero and Cranberry gives him the last of the Marvelous Compass pieces. With his purpose now fulfilled, Luff fades away hoping Luigi can rescue Princess Eclair.

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