Super Mario RPG Statistics: Count Down
Count Down as seen in battle.
Location(s) The Factory
Health Points (HP) 2400
Attack 0
Defense 80
Magic Attack 120
Magic Defense 80
Weaknesses Jump, Thunder, Snowy
Psychopath Message "We're into overtime!"
Dropped Coins 100
Experience Points 140

Count Down is a boss that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It is a giant clock that is accompanied by two Ding-A-Lings. Count Down appears to be controlled by the Ding-A-Lings and they all work for Smithy of his gang. They are also fought in The Factory.


Count Down is a very unique boss at it uses magical attacks depending on what time the hands land one.



The key to defeating Count Down is to defeat the two Ding-A-Lings on its head so that they will not all attack at once. Count Down is also weak to Jump attacks, thunder attacks, and Snowy so Mario and Mallow are highly recommended for this fight.


  • Count Down is the only boss in the game to not attack physically. This is due to its attack power being 0 and it only using magical attacks.
  • Count Down has more in-battle quotes than any other boss in the game.