Count Cannoli is one of the main antagonists that appears in Wario: Master of Disguise. He is a thief who is the star of his own show, The Silver Zephyr, and was very successful at his job thanks to his magic wand: Goodstyle. However, Wario suddenly appears in the middle of one of Cannoli's episodes and takes Goodstyle for himself. This causes a rivalry between Cannoli and Wario with the former constantly trying to get back Goodstyle from the latter.


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Powers and Abilities

Count Cannoli is a very skilled thief who was able to pull off many heists easily. However, this was largely thanks to Goodstyle granting him the powers to do so. Even after losing Goodstyle to Wario, Cannoli is still skilled in combat mainly relying on his machines to get the job done. Cannoli, like Wario, is also very crafty and is able to come up with traps on the spot to stop Wario.

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