Cosmic Wario is a form of Wario that appears in Wario: Master of Disguise. This form can be used after Wario gets the Cosmic Guise Gem from the S.S. Caviar. To use Cosmic Wario, the player must draw a helmet (basically an upside down "U") on top of his head.


Cosmic Wario wears a space helmet and silver space clothes. It should also be noted that Wario wears his traditional "W" cap underneath his helmet making this the only form in the game where Wario is seen with his "W" cap.

Powers and Abilities

As Cosmic Wario, Wario is armed with a laser gun that allows him to shoot down enemies with lasers. These lasers often bounce off walls until time has passed or they have hit something. Wario can also shoot down special orbs that are often used to activate hidden objects such as ladders and platforms. In addition, Wario is able to jump very slowly as if he was in space. After getting the mastery gem later in the game, Cosmic Wario can now shoot up to three lasers at once making this Wario's most useful form offensive-wise.

Cosmic Wario's biggest weakness is his slow movement and jumping speed. This makes him not an ideal choice when it comes to maneuvering in general especially as most puzzles or bosses in the game require speed to accomplish. Cosmic Wario is also at a disadvantage early on in the game as since he can shoot one laser at once and the laser doesn't disappear until it has hit something or after some seconds have passed, Wario is defenseless.

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