Not to be confused with Cosmic Mario.

Cosmic Clones are galactic copies of Mario that are very similar to Cosmic Mario, that appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2. If Cosmic Clones appear in a level, they mirror Mario or Luigi's moves exactly (albeit a few seconds later). The clones copy Mario and Luigi's every move, even if the landscape changes in between their target and the clones themselves (such as a platform falling away). Clones also wall jump off of thin air if the wall disappears. If Mario activates a Sling Star or a Power Star, the clones disappear. Cosmic Clones also disappear upon hitting their target. Strangely, when Luigi is used, the clones still resemble Mario. This suggests that the Cosmic Clones only have a model for Mario and not Luigi, and is used whether the player is using Mario or Luigi. It is unknown if the game ever stops generating Cosmic Clones, since the player usually dies before too many fill the screen, or the game lags too much after so many are on screen.

A Cosmic Clone from Super Mario 3D Land

Cosmic Clones also appear in Super Mario 3D Land only on the World S levels. They often chase Mario or Luigi throughout certain levels especially Ghost Houses and Castle levels. Cosmic Clones appear in two sizes: big and small. These Cosmic Clones will keep on chasing Mario or Luigi until they finish a certain level or reach a certain point in a level. They will also do everything Mario or Luigi does including "floating" without a Leaf. At some points, Cosmic Clones are needed to destroy pillars in order to continue the level. Cosmic Clones can be destroyed in this game if they crash into someone who is wielding a Super Star. If that happens, they drop 3 coins in their small size and 10 in their giant size.


  • Cosmic clones gain their theme from a remix of the Cosmic Comet theme.
  • Whenever one of them is about to form, you can hear a high-pitched evil laugh, similar to when Cosmic Mario laughs during his entrance.