Corona Mountain is the final level from Super Mario Sunshine. It is blocked off by a fence, but becomes accessible when Mario completes the 7th episode of each other level (which are all Shadow Mario chases).


Corona Mountain contains lots of lava that can kill Mario outright. There are spike traps and fire traps that Mario must traverse to reach the end. Eventually he finds a boat. Mario must use F.L.U.D.D. to steer the boat away from anything in the cavern, since if the boat hits something, it will sink. When Mario reaches the back of the cavern, he finds the Rocket Nozzle. He proceeds to use the Rocket Nozzle to land on clouds, gradually going higher until he reaches a hot tub.


In the hot tub are Princess Peach, Bowser Jr., and Bowser himself. The hot tub is full of hot water that will hurt Mario if he touches it. Bowser will spit fire at Mario, while Bowser Jr. shoots Bullet Bills at him. The blue bullet bills, when destroyed, create 1-up Mushroom. Bowser is also able to do a Ground Pound that will tilt the tub, causing water to spill out. Mario must destroy the hot tub by using the Rocket Nozzle to jump up high, and using the Ground Pound to destroy five marked spots around the tub. When a piece is destroyed, the hot tub tilts and water spills out, and the piece Mario landed on starts to fall toward the ground. When all pieces are destroyed, the hot tub breaks, and Mario gets the last Shine Sprite.

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The hot springs at the foot of Isle Delfino's mountain is relaxing but the lava caves which open on the plaza are forbidden for public safety.


  • In Latin, Corona means "crown"; this means it's even called "Crown Mountain".
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