The Cookbook is a key item in the Paper Mario games.


Paper Mario

Tayce T., the cook in this game, will only make recipes that require one item to make. In chapter 4, Mario can an item that allows her to "spice up" her cooking. After feeding Gourmet Guy some cake, he flies up into the air and drops his cookbook. Mario can pick it up and obtain this item. Later on, he can give it to Tayce T. in Toad Town and she can make new items for Mario that need two ingredients.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

TTYD has a cookbook too. This item is found in Creepy Steeple, a location in the fourth chapter. Mario makes his way here and notices a small hole by the front door on the inside. Mario can use his ability to become a cylinder and roll under the hole thus entering a secret room. In one of the chests is this item. Mario can then give this item to Zess T. anytime he meets her. Zess T., so long as she is in possession of this item, can create dishes that need two ingredients to be made.

Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario does not actually have a cookbook item but the first cook Mario meets in the game cannot make items that need two ingredients to make. Saffron, a cook in Flopside, will perform this instead. She, like the cookbooks in the last games, cannot be accessed until after chapter 4. Mario needs Fleep to access Flopside the first time.