Confused is a status ailment that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


When Mario, his partner, or an enemy is Confused, they will randomly do something different instead of the action they were supposed to do. This will happen 50% of the time and the results could be different each time.

Types of Effects

  • Mario or his partner may attack each other. This can be blocked, however.
  • Mario or his partner may either use Defend, Appeal, or Run Away commands instead of attacking.
  • Mario's partner may randomly swap out to another. Even if the Quick Change badge is equipped, the turn will still end.
  • An enemy may attack its own allies. If they have items, they could use the healing ones on Mario's team or offensive ones on themselves.

There are certain ways to cause the Confuse status. Vivian's Infatuate special move is a great way to inflict Confused on enemies. However, this will not always work on bosses. Using the Head Rattle badge may cause Confused as well.

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