Coney Island is a minigame that appears in Mario Party 5.


It takes place on a giant ice cream cone that is held by a giant statue of Mario, resembles the Statue of Liberty. There are various sweets that surround the perimeter of the giant ice cream cone. Each of the characters will be carrying an ice cream cone, and they must capture the various ice cream scoops that fall from the sky. The ice creams appear in many flavors and will make a shadow while they are falling. As the shadow of the ice cream scoop gets smaller, the closer to the ground they will be. The characters must align their ice cream cones under the scoops in order to capture them. As the characters collect more ice cream scoops, the higher their ice cream will be. Their speed will start to decrease as they collect more scoops.

The character that collects the most ice cream scoops will win the mini-game.


  • Coney Island is a name of an amusement park.

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