Commander Shroob is a pink Shroob with a black mustache and a whistle. He is encountered during the events of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. He is the commander of the Shroob occupation forces during their invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom. His build is like a standard shroob, but his body is colored pink, with red eyes and a black moustache. His alignment is Lawful Evil, just like his species. Commander Shroob is confronted and ultimately defeated by the four heroic defenders of the Mushroom Kingdom past and present: Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi.

The battle between the four Mario Bros. and Commander Shroob takes place on Star Hill. During the confrontation, he commands his loyal Support Shroobs from behind the scenes, allowing his soldiers to fight the heroes while avoiding personal injury. However, the Mario Bros. are able to send the massive Shroob-omb rolling backwards. The bomb then explodes, knocking Commander Shroob into the battlefield.

However, even when forced to battle, Commander Shroob's primary attack is calling his Support Shroobs into the battlefield and launching them at the Mario Bros. Some are sent twirling on the ground, while others are sent flying in the air. While in the air, if a Support Shroob is pointing up, the Shroob falls on top of Mario. If it is pointing downwards, the Support Shroob falls on Luigi. The Support Shroobs can be blocked with swings from the Mario Bros.' Hammers. Occasionally, Commander Shroob approaches the Mario Bros. and shoots them with a Shroob Blaster, just like a normal Shroob soldier. It is much faster than a regular Shroob Blaster, however.

Eventually, armed with a Shroob-omb sign, Commander Shroob directs three more Support Shroobs and a Shroob-omb into the battlefield to continue the fight while he goes back into hiding. As such, the Mario Bros. have to knock more Shroob-ombs backwards to send Commander Shroob back into the fray. In the end, Commander Shroob's tactics are not enough to defeat the Mario Bros.' teamwork and the Shroob's military leader is defeated in combat.


HP - 1300 (900)

POW - 143 (160)

DEF - 114 (100)

Speed - 70 (80)

EXP - 750

Coins - 150


  • While Mario and Luigi battle the Shroobs in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, six Commander Shroobs can be seen frozen inside blocks of ice, which means there were more Commanders and Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi only met one of them. Additionally, one is seen frozen outside of battle.
  • Like all other Shroobs, Commander Shroob is weak to the Ice Flower and takes heavy damage from it.
  • Commander Shroob's moustache slightly resembles Luigi's and King Bob-omb's.
  • Commander Shroob is the only boss in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time that cannot be attacked at the very start of their battle. However, his minions can.