Command Blocks are blocks used in the Mario & Luigi series. They are used for actions during battles.


Command Blocks comes in different types. There is a Jump Command Block,  Item Command Block and Special Attack. MarioLuigi or Bowser must select the desired Command Block And jump or punch it.

When in battle, a the player has to select the Command Blocks first then press Def A, B Button, X Button, or Y Button to confirm the block that they chose. Then depending on the block they chose, it may take them to a menu ore just a confirmation screen.


Command blocks above Bowser's head

Item Command Block: Lets player use a restoration item during battle.

Special Attack Command Block: Lets player use special attack.

Flee Command Block: Lets player run away from a battle. (Does not work in Boss Battles)

Jump Command Block: Lets Mario/Luigi jump on an enemy. (Does not work on enemies that have spikes, thorns or fire on their head.)

Hammer Command Block: Lets Mario/Luigi use a hammer on an enemy (Does not work on floating enemies.)

Punch Command Block: Lets Bowser punch.

Fire Command Block: Let's Bowser spit fire.

Badge Change Command Block: Lets player change Mario and Luigi"s badges during battle.

Vacuum Command Block: Let's Bowser use vacuum during battle.

Copy Command block: Let's paper mario create copy's of himself.

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