Coin Rush is a new mode introduced in New Super Mario Bros. 2. It is a single-player mode that can be unlocked by defeating the Castle levels or the Cannon levels in World One. In Coin Rush you play as Mario, or a White Racoon Mario. You must race through random levels through the game and collect as many coins as yo

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u can on each level. The levels act like normal levels in the game, except the time to complete the course is severely shortened down to one-hundred seconds. But you can expand the time by making it past Checkpoint Flags.

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Once the player defeats Bowser's Castle in World 6, you can get a Gold Flower in your inventory. You can only use the flower once though. Dying in one level ends the entire mode and you must start over. Collecting one-hundred coins does not give you an extra life, it only adds to your coin total. The total of number of coins that can be collected is 30,000. Once that number is reached, no more coins are added to your total.

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