Coin Cache is a bonus 4-player minigame that appears in Mario Party 5.


The characters will be in front of Princess Peach's Castle with three rows of brick blocks above their head. The objective of the minigame is for the characters to collect as much coins as possible by breaking the brick blocks that are situated above their head. The characters can break the brick blocks by pressing the A button to jump. Once the character breaks a brick block, they will receive one coin, and will be able to gain access to the upper level. Some of the brick blocks that the character will break will turn into an orange solid block, rewarding them with no coins. Other brick blocks will have multiple coins in them, and won't break until all the coins are out of it. The characters have thirty seconds to collect as many coins as they can, which are added to their total at the end of the minigame.


  • GCN Stick - Move
  • GCN A - Jump
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