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Coin Block Bash is a 1 vs. 3 mini-game in Mario Party.


The game starts off with the players in a field with nine Brick Blocks. Each block carries a varying number of coins. The player with the hammer is capable of hitting the Brick Blocks with one swing but they are considerably slower than the other players. The objective of the game is to get the most coins. Players can attack other people to stop them from getting coins.

While on Mini-Game Island, this mini-game serves as World 1-2 and the player needs ten coins in order to pass onto the next mini-game.


Game Rules Break the blocks to collect the Coins.
Get 10 or more Coins to clear the game.
Controls Character with the Hammer
Control Stick - Move A Button - Jump B Button - Sideways Swing
Character without the Hammer
Control Stick - Move A Button - Jump B Button - Attack
Advice If you get attacked, you will drop the hammer. Anybody can grab the dropped hammer.