Coffin Congestion is an item mini-game that appears on the Horror Land board in the game Mario Party 2.


The lone character that participates in the mini-game will be in a dungeon with six coffins that contain an image of Boo on it. Five of the coffins will hold items, while the other coffin will hold Baby Bowser. At the beginning of the mini-game, each of the coffins will reveal the item that they contain. They will then shuffle the items and Baby Bowser among the other coffins, revealing them in the process. After the coffins are done shuffling the items and Baby Bowser, the character will have ten seconds to choose a coffin. In order to open a coffin, they can attack one with the B button. They will be able to keep the item from the coffin that they attacked. However, if they choose Baby Bowser, then they will lose the mini-game. Likewise, if time runs out, they will not win any items.


  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Select