Coconutters are a type of enemy fought at Yoshi's Island in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. They resemble a coconut but have legs that resemble grass. Coconutters have a skeletal mouth and their eyes are empty holes.


In battle, a Coconutter can either shoot a poison dart or throw his spear at its target. Both of these attacks can be dodged by jumping. The spear attack can be determined by whichever eye of the Coconutter twinkles.

A Coconutter can also change the position of his spear to be vertical, making himself a spiked enemy. The next turn, a rain cloud will then appear, healing up to 30 HP to every enemy on the field.

Coconutters have a stronger variant found later in the game, called the Red Coconutter.


  • HP - 50 (48)
  • POW - 53 (46)
  • DEF - 38 (42)
  • Speed - 21 (25)
  • EXP - 20
  • Coins - 6


Names in other languages

  • Français: Le Cocomaso (Coconut
  • Italiano: Il Selvacocco (Wood Coconut; second declension (Gen. Selvacocchis))
  • Español: El Cocotero (Coconut Palm; second declension (Gen. Cocoteris))