RHarbor Large

Ricco Harbor from Super Mario Sunshine is a good example of a coastal-themed stage.

Stages, levels, or locations with a coastal theme are locations usually associated with the beach. This can also include locations that take place near or at a harbor.

Other Traits and Features

One of the most common features of coastal-themed stages is that the area tends to take place near the water, but not particularly underwater. However, most coastal-themed stages in the series tend to associare with underwater levels as most underwater levels tend to start and end off with a coastal theme on land.

As for the enemies, some of the more common enemies of the series appear on coastal-themed stages such as Koopa Troopas. However, throughout the series, more enemies can appear on land. One of the most well known ones are Bloopers that can also appear as underwater enemies. Another common enemy of coastal themed stages include beached Cheep-Cheeps and crabs.

Coastal-themed stages tend to possess little to no real hazards except the possibility of drowning in water or falling into the water and into a pit resulting in a lost life. Usually, the main hazards are the enemies themselves where they tend to be in places where the player may get hit by them at.


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