Cloudy Climb is a small section above Flower Fields that appears in the game Paper Mario.


It, as the name suggests, is made up of many clouds that are used to climb into the sky. Mario gains access to this region only when he has obtained the Magical Bean, Miracle Water, and the Fertile Soil items so long as The Sun is covering the skies of Flower Fields. With these items, Mario can call upon a beanstalk that will guide him into the clouds. This is also the location where Huff N. Puff, the boss of Chapter 6, resides.


Cloudy Climb is the home to the S. Jump Charge badge. It is found in the upper area on a floating cloud that is accessible by climbing near-by clouds. Cloudy Climb is riddled with yellow clouds and a puffy landscape. Clouds set up like stairs are the gateway into Huff n' Puffs domain. At this location, the seventh boss fight also takes place. The fight in question is the battle with Huff N. Puff. To beat Huff N. Puff, Mario must have a well-planned strategy.

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