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[[it:Vascello Nuvolante]]
[[it:Vascello Nuvolante]]
[[fr:Voie céleste]]
[[Category:Mario Kart 8 Tracks]]
[[Category:Mario Kart 8 Tracks]]
[[Category:Mario Kart Tracks]]
[[Category:Mario Kart Tracks]]

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Cloudtop Cruise is a course that appears in the game Mario Kart 8 and is the first course in the Special Cup.


Cloudtop Cruise takes place in the skies and the track itself in on a large beanstalk, while Airships can also be seen in the background.

From the start, there are red Paratroopas as the audience. With a 45° turn, the Boost Pad, at the second bounce on the Bowser Balloon.

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Staff Name Country Time Character Vehicle Combination
Body Tires Glider
Nin★Maria Portugal 2:19.568 Baby Rosalina Biddybuggy Standard Super Glider
Nin★Giulia Italy 1:44.120 Bowser Jr. Koopa Clown Cyber Slick Cloud Glider



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