Cloudtop Cruise is a course that appears in the game Mario Kart 8 and is the first course in the Special Cup.


Cloudtop Cruise takes place in the sky and is Super Mario Galaxy themed, with music and airships from the game. The track starts on a giant Question Block with a vine growing horizontally out of it. The track winds along the stem of the vine, ending in a ramp with a Boost Pad, which shoots you onto the top of a bouncy hot-air balloon. From there the track is in the clouds. Halfway along it bends around a second balloon which provides a minor shortcut. Next the track drops onto the deck of the largest airship, and forks into two short paths around the mast. Both paths have Barrels as obstacles and end in a large Cannon where your glider comes out, and you fly between two rows of flying Paragoombas and into a cloud tunnel. In the cloud tunnel, Anti-gravity switches on as you drive along an upside-down metal tracks. There are plenty of Boost Pads which will attract lightning from the surrounding clouds, shrinking the player if they happen to pass through at those times. The track ends with a glider ramp, from which you fly back to the giant Question Box.


There is a shortcut where you bounce over two leaves of the vine, just before the first bend in the track, cutting across the bend.


Staff Name Country Time Character Vehicle Combination
Body Tires Glider
Nin★Maria Portugal 2:19.568 Baby Rosalina Biddybuggy Standard Super Glider
Nin★Giulia Italy 1:44.120 Bowser Jr. Koopa Clown Cyber Slick Cloud Glider



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