"Slurpity-slurp. I'm so sweet, you can't lick me! Burrrp!"
― Cloud N. Candy

Cloud N. Candy is a boss from the Nintendo 64 game Yoshi's Story.


Cloud N. Candy appears as the boss of the cloud course. Once Yoshi has collected thirty fruits, he can face him.


After he appears and speaks, Cloud N. Candy will begin to hop around the stage. Yoshi must lick the boss, causing him to get smaller and smaller. When the Yoshi has licked him to his last puff, he will be defeated, and the Yoshi can proceed.


  • Cloud N. Candy is considered the easiest boss in the history of Mario games due to his weak, short-range attacks and how the way to defeat him also heals Yoshi.
  • Cloud N. Candy is similar to Huff N. Puff from Paper Mario as they are both major bosses that are clouds and they both have "N." as their middle name.
  • His name is a pun on "cloud" and "cotton candy", explaining why he describes himself "so sweet".
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