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Luigi Nearby the Telescope

Clockworks Court is an area in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is the first area Luigi is pixelated into in Old Clockworks. It is outside.


Luigi is directly pixelated into Clockworks Court in missions C-1-C-4. The area is covered in sand and has several stones and a stone pathway protruding from the sand. Rubble also covers some of the area. It has three large windows, two of which are boarded up, one of which Luigi can peer through. Luigi is pixelated behind a gate that can be activated with the strobulb which will raise the gate for a period of time. A telescope also appears in Clockworks Court which can be interacted with. Once Luigi looks through the telescope, the Overset Possesor is visible in the Belfry Tower. Luigi can then examine Clockworks Court for Treasure and a Gem. The mansion's first Gem is located on the left railroad tracks. Just walk to the left until Luigi reaches the end of the line and use the Dark-Light Device. A toolbox will appear and inside is the Gem. To the right side of the railroad tracks is a toolbox with a payload of Treasure inside. Reveal the missing tracks with Luigi's Dark-Light to advance. The air conditioning machines can be blown on using the Poltergust 5000 giving Luigi a haul of cash. Once Luigi is done looking for tresure outside, he must enter the Warehouse through a huge clock covering a door. To open the door, the correct time must be set using a rotor that can be interacted with using the Poltergust 5000. The correct time is visible on clocks all around Clockworks Court. The only enemies that appear in Clockworks Court are Beetles, however Greenies and the Polterpup briefly appear in a cutscene in mission C-4: Play Catch. In mission C-2: Underground Expedition, Luigi must use the compass on a mechanism on the ground which reveals the pathway he must take to complete the mission.

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