Clear Pipes are a variation of the Warp Pipe in Super Mario 3D World and the foremost mode of transportation in the Sprixie Kingdom. They are colorless and can be seen through and can contain Coins, Green Power Stars, and other various items and objects. Any character(s) inside a Clear Pipe can change direction; however, they cannot attack while in a Clear Pipe and are completely vulnerable to all threats that enter or are already inside it, such as an enemy, a Mine, or a Fireball.

A Cannon variety of Clear Pipes exist as well, either launching a character(s) inside it from the front or launching him/her out of it. Some launch automatically while others are activated manually by pressing "A".

The Clear Pipes return in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker in the extra Super Mario 3D World levels and in Mario Party 10, functioning in the same manner.

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