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The Classic Dragster (known as Nostalgia 1 in the PAL release) is a default kart used by medium-sized characters in Mario Kart Wii.


Luigi powersliding in his Classic Dragster on SNES Mario Circuit 3.

The Classic Dragster resembles a late-1930's Grand Prix racecar, which resembles Yoshi's Cucumber from Mario Kart DS. Also, just like the Cucumber, the characters' emblem is located on the hood. This is the only kart in the medium-sized class not to have a bike counterpart. The Zucchini (Gherkin in the British English version) from Mario Kart 7, could be considered to be the Classic Dragster's successor.


Its stats are quite similar to the Cheep Charger and the Quacker, offering good acceleration, handling, drift and mini-turbo, but also offers below average speed and weight. Its off-road stat is evenly balanced.

Classic Dragster (Nostalgia 1)
Class Medium
Speed 37
Weight 43
Acceleration 59
Handling 54
Drift 54
Off-road 40
Mini-turbo 51

Color schemes

  • Mario: White body, red stripes and hub caps, gold dual exhaust.
  • Luigi: White body, green stripes and hub caps, silver dual exhaust.
  • Princess Peach: White body, pink stripes and hub caps, light yellow dual exhaust.
  • Princess Daisy: White body, orange stripes and hub caps, light dual yellow exhaust.
  • Yoshi: White body, lime green stripes and hub caps, bronze dual exhaust.
  • Birdo: White body, violet stripes and hub caps, silver dual exhaust.
  • Diddy Kong: Beige body, dark brown stripes and hub caps, black dual exhaust.
  • Bowser Jr.: White body, gold yellow stripes and hub caps, brown dual exhaust.
  • Male Miis: White body, navy blue stripes and hub caps, dull gold dual exhaust.
  • Female Miis: Rose pink body, creamy white stripes and hub caps, silver dual exhaust.


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