Chuckya are large purple enemies in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. These troublesome enemies resemble Bob-ombs, except they've got round purple bodies, a red antenna, and red hands. These red hands are used to pick up Mario if he gets too close, and whilst Mario's stuck in a Chuckya's grip, he'll spin you around for about a second and then he'll quite literally "chuckya" in the direction he's facing, explaining the reasoning behind his name. Hence the sentence before, Chuckya is a pun of words Chuck and you.

For Mario to defeat a Chuckya, he needs to go behind the Chuckya, as cowardly as that may be, and pick him up and throw him. As a result, the Chuckya will detonate and will release five coins (one of the few occasions where cowardice actually pays off for once). You can find Chuckyas in Wet-Dry World, Tall, Tall Mountain, Tiny-Huge Island (in the giant area) and Bowser in the Sky.


In the original Super Mario 64 (not Super Mario 64 DS), there are several glitches that can be performed using Chuckya.

  • When Chuckya is thrown, Mario is propelled backward a small distance. This momentum can be used to force Mario through walls.
  • Occasionally, when Chuckya is next to a wall, he may throw Mario directly into it, resulting in an instant death since Mario is out of bounds.
  • While Chuckya is in the air after being thrown, he still possesses the ability to lift/throw Mario. This glitch can be used to move Chuckya to lower levels, and also move him underwater.
  • If Chuckya is picked up in or held in water, he will be "light," meaning that Mario will be able to walk around at a moderate speed and jump while holding him. This is particularly useful in Wet-Dry World in order to perform the infinite coin glitch.
  • If Chuckya is grabbed right as he explodes (from being thrown), Mario will pick him up and he will die. This will result in Mario holding a fake Chuckya, which may then transform into other objects.
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