The Chuckola Reserve is a barrel in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and reappears in the remake. It is a key item required in the main story plot in order to cure Queen Bean.


Mario and Luigi gave the three Chuckola Fruits to Chuckleroot and he allowed them to pass, thus Popple and Rookie appeared at once and ran ahead of the Mario Bros. Mario and Luigi ran inside a tree and approached Bubbles, the founder of Chuckola Cola Inc. He was telling jokes to the Chuckola Reserve until he saw Mario and Luigi, he introduced himself to them. He has been telling jokes for a 1000 years so it can mature. Bubbles was ecstatic that the Chuckola Reserve transformed into Chuckolator. Mario and Luigi fought against the Chuckolator that it changed back to the barrel. Bubbles was furious that he created a hole on the floor and left the Bros. underground.

The barrel that tipped over after Mario fell in it. Luigi fell on the other side and searched for Mario. He found a barrel that rolled into the water and he rode on top of it. Luigi returned outside the Beanbean Castle. He tripped on the barrel and fell to the ground, Mario came out of the barrel lying down. The Beanbean Guards talked to Luigi and reported to Lady Lima. Luigi squirted the Chuckola Reserve from Mario and cured Queen Bean. A Belly Blech worm came out of Queen Bean and left. Queen Bean finally returned back to herself with joy.