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Chuckola Fruit ( ゲラッパの実 Gerappa Fruit?) are important items that appear in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. There are only three of them seen in the entire game and they are needed to pass Chuckleroot for him to let Mario and Luigi get to the Chuckola Cola. As revealed by Chuckleroot, they are also used to help make the Chuckola Cola. There are three colors: red, white, and purple.

Chuckola Fruit locations

Red Chuckola Fruit

The Red Chuckola Fruit can be found in the western area from Chuckleroot. Mario and Luigi must pass by Chuckleroot's Grandaughter first before continuing any further. Soon, Mario and Luigi spot something blocking a small hole and Mario hammers it and enters. However, he quickly runs away and it is revealed to be a Wiggler. Mario and Luigi fight and defeat the Wiggler and retrieves the first Chuckola Fruit.

Purple Chuckola Fruit

The Purple Chuckola Fruit in the eastern area from Chuckleroot. Mario and Luigi must head south where they find a series of ledges to cross. After crossing the ledges, they will eventually reach the ledge with the Purple Chuckola Fruit on it.

White Chuckola Fruit

The White Chuckola Fruit can also be found in the eastern area but more to the northern area. After that, Mario and Luigi will come to an area where they have to race against the clock in order to get the White Chuckola Cola Fruit. After they have done so, they now have all three and can give them to Chuckleroot.