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"This is my room. And may I say, how DARE you enter a woman's room uninvited?"
― Chuckleroot's Granddaughter, Chucklehuck Woods

Chuckleroot's Granddaughter is a minor character that only appears in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. She is the grandaughter of Chuckleroot and she lives in Chucklehuck Woods along with her grandfather.


Physical appearance

Chuckleroot's Granddaughter looks like her grandfather except she is smaller and wears a small pink bow on the corner of her head.


Chuckleroot's Granddaughter is first seen after Mario and Luigi steps into her "room." She scolded them entering into her room "uninvited". However, despite the Bros. in her room, she tells them how they can dig beans up from underground and tells Mario and Luigi that they must dig up all five beans in her room. She unlocks the gate after finding all 5 Chuckle Beans and goes back underground to sleep greeting them "Good night." Then the Mario Bros. can resume their adventure finding the Red Chuckola Fruit.