Chuckleroot is a minor character that appears in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. He lives at the heart of Chucklehuck Woods where he guards the way to the Chuckola Cola. He also has a grandaughter that lives not too far away from him.


Chuckleroot when multi-colored.

Chuckleroot is a large, blue tree creature. He can also turn different colors as red, white, and purple when he explained to Mario and Luigi that they need to retrieve the three Chuckola Fruits.


Chuckleroot is first seen after Mario and Luigi nearly reach the source of the Chuckola Cola. He explains to Mario and Luigi that they need the three Chuckola Fruit in order to allow them to past. He then opens the gates where Mario and Luigi can go to retrieve the Chuckola Fruits: red, white and purple. After Mario and Luigi have done so, Chuckeroot then moves aside allowing Mario and Luigi to pass. However, Popple and Rookie quickly run past him first.