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Chucklehuck Woods is a location in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.


Chucklehuck Woods is a dark forest with many twisted trees around.


After exiting the Chateau de Chucklehuck, Mario and Luigi now must head through Chucklehuck Woods to further their search for the Chuckola Cola. They fight through many enemies until they run into an odd tree named Chuckleroot. Chuckleroot urges the Mario Bros. to find the three beans in order to advance. They do so but Popple and Rookie attempt to reach the Cola themselves. However, as Mario and Luigi enter through a large log, they run into a character named Bubbles who is the creator of the Chuckola Cola. He tells the Mario Bros. that he has been keeping it fresh for many years by telling it jokes. Bubbles then reveals he has captured Popple and Rookie and has now has his creation named Chuckolator attack Mario and Luigi. When, Mario and Luigi defeat the Chuckolator, Bubbles angrily knocks Mario and Luigi down a hole. Mario lands in the barrel of Chuckola Cola on a different side while Luigi has to search for his missing brother alone. Luigi eventually finds Mario in the barrel and rolls them out the stream exiting Chucklehuck Woods.


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