Chuboomba is an enemy found in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story as an enemy found in Cavi Cape. It is basically a chubby Goomba. Chuboomba is also the first enemy fought by Bowser in the game.

Its only attack is trying to ram into Bowser by attempting to run at him at speed, but when Bowser tries to punch it, the Chuboomba is too far away, Chuboomba stands still then continues his process of attacking. If Bowser inhales Chuboomba's lollipop, he regains health and Chuboomba runs out of the battle, crying. Bowser, however, gains 0 EXP. They are in the tutorial of using Bowser's Special Attacks.


  • Chuboomba is possibly related to Shrooboid Brat as both use lollipops to attack.