Chows are enemies that appear in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. They are stronger versions of K-9s and they are only found in Land's End.


In battle, Chows can attack by biting for damage. They can also use special attacks such as Poison to build up on damage on someone over time.


Despite appearing very late in the game, the Chow's stats are rather low meaning any physical move should take them out.


  • There is another Chow that appears in Monstro Town. However, this Chow is friendly and records the number of Super Jumps Mario can do in a row. If he has thirty jumps, then he is awarded with an Attack Scarf. If he has reached over one hundred, he is awarded with the Super Suit.
  • Their Psychopath message indicates they fought Mario already. This may indicate that these are the same K-9s from Mushroom Way.