Chopper Bros. is a Bros. Attack in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and its 3DS remake. The move can be activated during Mario's turn. It costs five Bros. Points in Mode 1 and Mode 2, but costs three Bros. Points in Mode 3.

In Chopper Bros., the move involves Mario hammers Luigi into the ground with GBA A.png. They will then automatically jump to the enemy selected, but GBA B.png must be pressed at the right time to make Luigi jump underneath Mario, throwing him into the air. Mario can then swing the Hammer at will by pressing GBA A.png repeatedly, allowing him to chop off as much enemy HP as desired until he lands. If not done properly, Mario will fall without hitting.

It takes thirty-two uses of the Chopper Bros. before they can learn the Advanced Command. In the advanced command, Mario hangs on the position a bit longer, Luigi pops up underneath the enemy, dealing damage, Mario hammers him back down, and the process repeats. The Advanced commands are GBA A.png to pound Luigi into the ground, GBA A.png again as the brothers near their target, and finally GBA B.png to make Luigi pop out and cause damage. The player should then alternate pressing GBA A.png and GBA B.png to make Luigi pop out and have Mario hammer him down again.

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