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Chomp Romp is a 4-player minigame that appears in the game Mario Party 5.


The characters will take control of a wild Chain Chomp and guide them through a park. The park is full of playground equipment and contains a fountain in the center of the park. There are also various Mario characters like Shy Guys and Goombas that occupy the park. The objective of the minigame is for the character to guide their Chain Chomp through the park, and into a fenced in area at the end it. They will use the Chomp Call, which is a special whistle designed to call a Chain Chomp, to guide them through the park. When the character blows the Chomp Call, their Chain Chomp will stampede in the direction of the whistle. The playground equipment and fountain act as an obstacle for the Chain Chomps, which requires the characters to guide them around these structures. If a character is hit by a charging Chain Chomp, they will be stunned for a brief moment and will not be able to blow the Chomp Call. The character that guides their Chain Chomp first to the fenced in area will win the mini-game.


  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Use Chomp Call


  • The Chomp Call that is used in this minigame is an actual item in Mario Party 4.
  • If a character lets their Chain Chomp attack the slide, a Goomba will slide down it.