Chomp Pups are enemies which appear in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are smaller and quicker versions of Chomps. They're barks are also high pitched. They can be found commonly in the Dreadnought Galaxy, the Sky Station Galaxy, the Chompworks Galaxy, and a few others. To defeat a Chomp Pup, use a Rainbow Star, use Co-Star Luma to stun on and have something collide with it, another tactic is to whack a nearby Bulb Tree into them. They can also be destroyed on collision with an NPC, as proven when they repeatedly collide with a hyperactive Gearmo whose behaviour his sibling questions.


Chomp Pups make their debut in Super Mario Galaxy. Mario first encounters them as he heads up the path during the second mission in the Dreadnought Galaxy. Chomp Pups later appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2, making their first appearance in the Sky Station Galaxy during the second mission on the starting planet and their second appearance in the Chompworks Galaxy, specifically on the Lava Planet. Unlike their larger Chomps, Chomp Pups can also roll in a circular line.