Choice Challenge

Choice Challenge is a mode in Mario Party 9.


  • Players choose three out of five minigames. Points are awarded based on the results of each minigame. The player with the highest total at the end is the champion.
  • There'll be 100 points awarded for first place, 50 points for second, 30 points for third, and 10 points for fourth. Some of the games you'll play are Chance Minigames. Winning one of these will earn you 150 points! Please choose the three out of five minigames that you think will net you the most points.
  • The minigames are played in the order of how many people selected it, starting at the least and working up to the most. If only one player selects a minigame, that player will be automatically awarded first place points without competing. Sometimes, a character will appear out of a pipe when he or she is not participating in the minigame. If that happens, Blue Toad apologizes for his error and corrects the mistake.
  • Right after the fifth minigame, points are shown as ???. Right after that, four players hide in Warp Pipes again. Players will be shown out again, 4th player shown first, 3rd player show second, 2nd player show third. The first place player will go below it and come out of the Gold Pipe, become the winner. Results are shown at that point. Like other games in Minigame Mode, complete this you'll get 10 Party Points.


  • The music is a remix of the Super Mario Bros. underground theme.
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